Subconscious beliefs about MONEY – “Mental money mastery” course review 

Money – do you know you have a relationship with money? 

The way we think of, speak of, and feel about money matters. Some people constantly struggle with it, others attract it like a magnet, others live in “feast and famine” cycles. 

I recently met a lady who wrote a program on this, Cappi Pidwell, and she uses some techniques to retrain the subconscious mind on the thoughts about money. 
Our subconscious is an interesting thing, it accounts for about 90% of our deep beliefs and those beliefs control most of our actions. The 5-10% of our brain that we use, the logical brain, is where we try to make change but we fail because the roots are deeper.

So with money, she has you write down thoughts about money, what you remember your parents saying about money, and to really take some time to think about it. 

Next, you start to look daily at your accounts (if you don’t already) and note how you feel when you do. Is it with dread?? Do you see the purchases and think negative things? I know I have felt this way. 

So one technique she uses is to open the accounts everyday and thank God for what you do have everyday. Be extremely grateful that you have this money, thank God for the ability to have made that purchase, to have afforded that nice dinner out, change your mental money mindset. 

There are other techniques to change these subconscious beliefs at a deeper level, visualization, affirmations, meditation, hypnotherapy and EFT, to name a few. 

I am more than halfway through the program and feeling better about money already, I will keep you posted on the progress! 

What subconscious beliefs are keeping you “stuck” and holding you back?  

Have you used any of these techniques? I’d love to hear from you and how they have helped! 

10 Liquid Biocell success stories! 

Deciding to start promoting liquid Biocell was a huge risk for me. I already had a very established business as a health coach selling another product line and I was worried about confusing my audience.

At the same time I felt there was a huge need for a liquid Biocell amongst my customers because of how often I heard about people getting injured, limited mobility for their workouts and joint discomfort.
Let’s be honest, we’re not getting any younger and as we age our joints aren’t what they used to be, not to mention our skin and the fact that a lot of my friends are starting to invest a lot of money in anti-aging products, Botox, fillers and some have went too far already.   Too much plastic surgery can actually make a person look older, not younger like they are hoping.

I myself have invested thousands of dollars and antiaging products since I was around 28 years old. I started spending $300-$500 a month on Nu Skin products believing I was going to be a millionaire in the business, maxing out credit cards before I finally realized this is just not in my budget.

I’ve tried many many products and some I love, others didn’t work, that’s life.

But Liquid Biocell made a noticeable difference in my skin and my husbands after 1 month.
1. Jeff C

Okay let’s share success stories!! 
 Jeff Clark
Jeff is a friend who is a health coach and I wanted to approach him about the Liquid Biocell business since I found a lot of my clients were struggling with joint pain. 
I called his wife to talk to her about it she told me actually he suffering with knee problems and had just bought some glutamine that wasn’t helping. He was about to do a spartan race and so this was perfect timing. 

We gave him a free bottle of Liquid Biocell Sport – one week supply that he got to use one for the one week prior to the spartan race.

He did a great job in the Spartan and commented that in the following days after the race he wasn’t in pain, he will usually felt a lot of soreness after a race like that but this time he felt great. He didn’t have any more bows cell so he was off of it for a weekend started feeling the pains coming back again, he called me and ordered and got started with the business as well!
2. Sean M

Sean reached out to me after a post I made about liquid Biocell helping me with doing squats again after injuring myself doing insanity. He had not been able to do squats and his knees were bothering him. He start on liquid Biocell and noticed some improvement within the first couple of weeks, two months later he noted that he’s able to do the squats again and feeling really good in the gym again!!

He is also noticing a more youthful appearance of his skin and face!

3. Sarah A.

Sarah is very into clean beauty and taking great care of her skin. She got into fillers and Botox in her 20s but she had to stop when she had gotten pregnant and was nursing for several years.

She’s coming up on 40 years old and Terena also feel some of those aches and pains in the joints. After a month of liquid Biocell she wasn’t really sure she was seeing any benefits and she wanted to cancel. We had a special promotion going right is able to give her one month free and so it urged her to stay on for the full 90 days.

Sarah gave it a full 90 day commitment, eight weeks later she is said that her skin has never looked better and she so glad she tried it out for longer!

4. Debbie C.

My friend Debbie has had a lot of joint pain and deep wrinkles from smoking in the past and her lips, a lot of sun damage on her arms. She bought liquid Biocell for her joints and stiffness, but her face improvement was dramatic! After a few weeks of the products she actually told me she started going to the gym again!

It had even been hard for her to swim because of that stiffness, she was starting to feel better after just a few weeks!

5. Patrick R

My first success story with my husband, he had been having some knee pain and when writing his bike. He likes to mountain bike and he would go for hours I’ve been to the hills by our house.

He noticed less pain after a week and couldn’t believe it, after about four weeks he went up to Mammoth and road for two days, he fell Apsley no pain during the rides or the days after and he was very excited to share this with his friends. He also has had a great improvement in his face, and his hair. We both feel like we look so much younger and more attractive now!

6. David Ciemny

My friend David was one of the founders of liquid Biocell. He had been the tour manager for Lady Gaga and once his wife got pregnant, he decided to get a job rather than tour and miss out on the time with his newborn son.

So he actually start working at Jusuru in 2009 and he looks now younger now than he did seven years ago when he started!
7. Joy P.

Joy is a friend who is very anti-anti-aging, taking care of her skin and eating healthy. She started on liquid Biocell after trying other college and products such as Biocell collagen pills and powders, she felt they didn’t really help her that much so she wanted to try liquid Biocell. Her first sign of improvement was that she went skiing after about a month of being on the product.

She was skiing in Colorado and was amazed that she was able to ski and felt no discomfort at different elevations and temperatures. She felt no discomfort the days following after as well which was very impressive!

8. Melissa F

Melissa is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and has tried many supplements. She had actually just started taking a liquid hyaluronic acid that we didn’t feel I was having her very much. She had pretty severe dry eye disease and also some joint pain.

The day she really noticed liquid Biocell had made a difference was when she went hiking over the weekend and the Grand Canyon. She was hiking with several 20-year-olds who were injuring themselves and in a lot of pain and struggling on that hike. She was able to climb the hills and mountains without any injury, she was effortlessly dominating the hike and everyone was amazed at her strength and agility!

She noted that in the past she had really struggle with dry eyes as well, needing eyedrops almost daily, sometimes your eyes smiling shot and now with liquid Biocell her eyes are no longer drive or puppy are swollen. Because like about cell increases them out of hyaluronic acid in your body by 6000% and 28 days it can definitely help with dry eyes!

9. Angie C

Angie is an aesthetic nurse practitioner at a plastic surgeons office. She had developed allergies to antioxidants and nearly every single topical she tried,. She was searching for an answer, visiting doctors and Dermatologist to see what was going wrong. She had been starting to have aches and pains in her joints as well.

As a patient of hers I mention liquid Biocell and she agreed to try it, I had her try the PURE blend which is actually without any antioxidants or resveratrol, since we had to be careful for her allergies. She initially had some worsening joint pain with which can happen when people first start because there’s a huge detoxification process happening, but I asked her to stick with it and give it a full 30 days at least and she did

After those first 20 days that the pain subsided and her skin started to really improve. The blotchiness decreased, the hydration was so much better, she her skin felt moisturize to the touch without any lotions on top. She had very dry and flaky skin on her face but after a month on the goodbye also it was gone. And now it’s even better!

Her patients are constantly asking her what she has done to her skin, because I noticed the difference and she tells them it’s liquid Biocell!

10. Myself!

I have personally tried many many many anti-aging products, and so I was reluctant. I had a lot of acne scars and sunken eyebags.

The results of my face, skin, hair and nails have been dramatic, I also had a little pain when I first started using liquid Biocell. It also subsided after a month and not my joints feel amazing I’m able to do squats and work out longer and harder without feeling the pain so I’m very grateful to have been introduced to this amazing product!

The miracle of liquid collagen/HA Matrix technology 

So here is a funny story. I had started a business in direct sales and was studying about how to meet people and build relationships. I was a little shy and uncomfortable with connecting with new people.  Because I was so motivated to succeed in my business, I was trying to master this skill.

So one afternoon I took my kids to the park and this beautiful nice mother started talking to me. Our sons were the same age, and she was new to the area. We hit it off fast, and honestly, I was thinking wow this is so great, I’m connecting with a stranger!

I saw her again the next week at the park. So it caught my attention when she told me her husband worked for a direct sales company. Jusuru. He was the VP for this liquid collagen for antiaging that was $140 a month. My mind immediately started thinking, Jusuru, what is that some juice like overhyped monavie? I thought, yeah right. It probably doesn’t really work. It couldn’t be that much different than the powdered collagen that I bought for $25 (and never finished).

But, she did have gorgeous skin. As a beachbody coach, I was pretty biased in believing I had the best opportunity out there and I wasn’t at all interested in this. She ended up working with me as a coach and did try my program and shakeology. We became friends and she was very low pressure, mentioning it but not too often.

One day we made a trade, shakeology for a few bottles of liquid Biocell. I tried it for a week and felt I saw a small difference but I wasn’t remembering to take it everyday and knowing you need to take it every month to get results made me not want to even try it, I didn’t want another $140 per month expense.  I am however, always looking for good business opportunities.

I didn’t order more. But I became curious and started looking into some videos. Reading some reviews online, like this one by the supplement police and some you tube videos, some by doctors and this one, the product and business presentation led by her husband David Ciemny.

As a pharmaceutical sales representative, I was impressed with their clinical data. The fact that they had double blind studies with a placebo group, that they saw that 90% of patients saw a 40% improvement in joint mobility in 12 weeks.

I was impressed that they measured the increase in hyaluronic acid and it was a 6000% increase in the skin in 28 days!   HA is what plastic surgeons inject as fillers in peoples faces, restalyne, juvaderm, those are HA.  Priot to Liquid Biocell, the only way to get HA into the body was by injecting it since the molecule is so large.  Liquid Biocell found a form of HA that is small enough to drink and absorb into the body and into the skin in their serum.

An increase in collagen? The studies done in humans showed that there was a significant increase in collagen in the skin, of 6% by just drinking Liquid Biocell. 

I saw the potential for using this in plastic surgeon offices because it blocks the enzyme hyaluronadase which is an enzyme linked to aging the skin and also breaks down the restalyne and juvaderm fillers.

Then I had a few friends try it. The majority of my customers have been really pleased. Others, price became an issue. It’s important to really understand the long term benefits and believe in the product, your body responds often to what to tell you brain so you really should read up and learn while on the product. Start to build your own confidence and watch the results come. 

So jury is out- Liquid Biocell is NOT a scam. It is backed by clinical studies, validated in peer reviewed journals and has delivered thousands of success stories! 

The company offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so it’s worth a try!   Have questions? Check out the most frequently asked questions here. 
Feel better, look better, do more, stay younger longer! All this can be yours with Liquid Biocell

Click here for 10 of my personal friends success stories!

Mixed emotions about home based businesses vs full time job.

Do you ever feel stuck?

Maybe you are at a job that you don’t love but you are grateful for? Maybe you want to start a business but time eludes you? You want to be a better wife or spouse but daily stresses make it hard.

I am in a constant pursuit of self-improvement. I want to be the best at everything and so I end up taking on way too much and not being the best at anything!  Perfectionism is a very hard thing to live with and it’s something I’m working on changing.

I just started Chalene Johnson’s Smart Success Academy and the first step was to rank my priorities. Starting by learning about what each one is and then ranking how I feel I’m doing on a scale of 1-10, 10 being excellent. Turns out, the ones you rank yourself lowest on are actually  things that matter the most to you. So I found that I rank myself very low on my relationship with spouse, I’m time spent with friends and family, finances were kind of average, environment could’ve been better ( come on now I have three kids and it’s impossible to keep the house clean!).

I ranked high on fitness, health, spirituality, fun, those are the easy things for me.

So now I’m  doing modules on improving the lower scores and it’s pretty eye-opening but giving me a new sense of focus and purpose and it’s pretty awesome!!

I’ve been on this pursuit of home-based business for years now even though I already have a six-figure income with my regular job. Do I really need more money? Not really, but it’s nice and it covers the costs of the products I’m wanting to buy anyways and gives me a nice tax writer off. Does a home-based business really mean you have more freedom? From the last two years of experience I would have to say no. My priorities may have actually changed because I realized working from home is a lot of stress, it requires a lot of effort from yourself and other people and things are out of your control.

Managing a team of people is not something I’ve been trained in and was not prepared for. Home businesses still work a lot of hours in fact maybe even more but it spills into your personal life…so is it really better to have a home-based business then just work for an employer?

I am not sure about that but I do enjoy having something fun on the side to fuel my passions for health and wellness, with natural products.

The extra income basically helped me stop living paycheck to paycheck and have more money for things like date nights, Stitch Fix, buying awesome skincare like Stromaderm, and of course paying for my fitness programs and shakeology.

So who knows if I’ll retire on a home based business but I think it’s worth it if you live your products, would be using them anyways and can help others by sharing with them!

12 tips on eating better, a mental approach

Lots of people are trying to eat better,… trim off some extra pounds gained, improve health metrics like blood sugars, cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes. Eating better is hard, and many people get frustrated, fall short or give up.

Here are some tips on making those desired habits stick.

1. Set Goals: It starts by having clear and realistic goals. Write a list of things you want to change about your diet. Also incorporate goals that you may have regarding your body and plan your diet around those goals. I recommend setting short term, and long term goals. If you try and do everything all at once you can be overwhelmed and want to quit. Take it one goal at a time if need be, and one day at a time, this isn’t a race. You may also want to write reasons why you want to make a change in your eating habits. You might share your goals with others who will help you meet them. You can put your goals where others can see them “on the fridge, at work” to motivate you to work harder. This will also get others behind you and involved in your new routine. As you achieve your goals, check them off. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and add excitement leading to your next goal.

2. Have Realistic expectations- Any diet plan needs to work with you and not against you. You need to be realistic when setting up the parameters of your new diet. Your plan needs to work for you and your situation. It needs to fit your schedule and your budget. If you don’t follow your budget, your cooking costs will get too high and you will have to withdraw from the diet you set up. If you don’t cook for your schedule and your eating times you will find yourself without food and scrambling to find a healthy choice. So be realistic with time, and give yourself extra time to prepare food, or have food pre-packed. Also know that obstacles can and will come into your path from time to time to derail you and your progress, so don’t think that everything will be easy and will just happen. This takes work.

3. Be Proactive – Make a list of healthy foods you enjoy, and what foods you can take with you to work, in the car, school, etc. You can create entire menus revolving around where you will be at what time of the day. Never give yourself an excuse to not have something available for you to eat, no matter where you are when you are supposed to have a meal. Always keep healthy foods on hand. If you don’t you will probably eat whatever is available at the time whether it be fast food, office treats, etc. This can throw off a diet plan and get you in the habit of making bad food choices and eat whatever is fast and convenient. Know where you will be at what time of the day, when you are open to cook, to eat, to shop for groceries, and plan accordingly. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

4. Consistency is key – Most people respond well to consistency. Make a plan and stick to it. Try to eat at around the same times daily and keep to the same portion size and caloric intake.. Your body will recognize this pattern and in turn keep your metabolism burning and your energy levels will stay high. You will feel better, and get in a healthy routine. It is easy to sabotage yourself by grabbing nasty snacks to meet uncontrolled cravings. The time you spend on planning and consistency is a true investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

5. Be flexible – Of course, even the best plans fall short at times. Life can sometimes get the best of all of us. Sometimes your eating routines need to change. Where you can, try to plan ahead for these events and have items on hand you can take with you when you’re in a rush or are eating out. Example: Bag of almonds, protein bars and shakes, fresh fruit. Also educate yourself on nutrition through the internet, books, and magazines. You can use this knowledge to help you improvise and find foods that are compatible with your diet, for example if you are out with friends or stuck with no time to cook. Find items that are less time consuming that you can take with you in a pinch.

6. Don’t be so hard on yourself – Nobody is perfect all the time. If you mess up, miss a few meals, or even have a bad couple of days, just pick yourself up and get back on track. You’re doing this for you, and the added stress of not living up to your own expectations can lead to a total diet derailment. Being healthy and eating healthy does not mean you can’t enjoy foods not on your meal plan. So don’t be so hard on yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!

7. Stick with your plan – It takes time to develop healthy behaviors. After about a month of eating better consistently, you will have developed a habit. You will find that everything you initially may have had a hard time doing becomes more effortless and be a normal part of your day to day life.

8. Have fun – Eating right takes dedication, commitment and sacrifice. Don’t stress yourself out over small bumps in the road. You have the power to change any negative into a positive, and you have the choice to have a positive outlook regarding any situation you find yourself in. Find fun ways to keep yourself motivated. Get friends and family involved. Set challenges at home, with friends, or at work to start eating healthier. Take the time to cook and try new and interesting recipes. You are making change for the better, so why not make it enjoyable.

9. Give yourself praise – You are not a dog so don’t reward yourself with treats. Realize that changing your eating habits can be a daunting task for anyone. Just think how long you have had your current habits and know that changing those habits will not happen overnight, but with time. Congratulate yourself on any healthy changes you make, you deserve the praise. Praise builds confidence and makes you feel good about the healthy choices you are making, and in turn help keep you on your path to betterment.

10. Don’t rush into this – People always start with the best of intentions and will try and do everything at once. They get overwhelmed and quit before they really even started. Small changes add up and can make a huge difference. Work on one thing at a time and keep adding to it. Before you know it you will have many healthy habits that incorporate together to make a healthy lifestyle and a healthier and happier you.

11. Focus on the journey and not the destination – To live a healthy lifestyle is never easy. In order to enjoy this lifestyle with all the ups and downs, we must enjoy the process and the journey on the way to our destination. Once we hit our destination we immediately look to the next mountain top and we either want more, or worst case scenario we think that we have accomplished all we need to and we relax on all of the things that got us there in the first place. Take pride in small victories along the way, they add up.

12. Measure Success and Set New Goals: Making successful changes means measuring your progress towards your goals and recognizing your accomplishments. As you meet short-term goals, you can plan the next steps with more confidence. Constantly re-strategizing your goals takes long-term visualization. That long-term vision needs to be broken down into doable steps.

Now go out and make a difference in your life today!!  Did you enjoy this article?  Would you like to receive more support from me on a daily basis?!  Ask me about my next challenge group!  Together we can set goals and achieve them!!

Sore Muscles-Rest Day or Workout?

So I have been working out intensly for the past year and I still experience muscle soreness!  Just this last week I had a nice little reunion with Brazil Butt Lift and man was my bum bum hurting!  I did High and Tight on Tuesday along with Bum Bum on Friday and I can barely walk.  My thighs, butt and abs are just aching!

I have been doing 21 day fix Extreme for the past 30 days and there are lots of squats and lunges but it just goes to show that when you switch up your workouts you still work your muscles in a different way!  So instead of taking a rest day and using that as an excuse not to workout.  I chose a workout that did not target my lower body!  Instead doing an upper body workout!  I did some research about working out and muscle soreness since so many of my customers experience it when they start my challenge groups.  I figured it would be well worth sharing with all of you as well!  Who isn’t sore from working out at one point or another!  It’s best to know how to handle this discomfort.

It’s common for beginners to experience muscle soreness that lasts for a week or two, just as seasoned exercisers will be sore after a tough work out. Yes, you should keep working out even though you are sore, but there is more to it than that. The only way to avoid muscle soreness is to not workout at all!  And that is certainly not going to get you that body you envision in your mind!

Muscle soreness has two primary causes. The first soreness you experience happens during your workout (“the burn”) and should subside within a couple of hours. This is caused by lactic acid production. When you are training and your muscles are not getting enough oxygen (anaerobic glycolysis), lactic acid builds up. You can break down lactic acid by continuing to move and by doing light aerobic exercise (such as walking) after your workout. This is why cool-downs are so important, especially for beginners. The longer you cool down, the faster that lactic acid will leave the muscles (typically within an hour).

The type of muscle soreness you are experiencing, up to a day or two (and sometimes even three) after your workout is known as DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). DOMS is caused by microscopic tears inside the muscles, resulting from weight-training or fully exhausting the muscles during cardio. This is normal. Again, beginners will be more sore and usually for longer, but if you really worked as hard as you should have during a weight-lifting session, you should be somewhat sore for the next day or two.

This is where rest comes in. You absolutely must rest the muscles you worked for 1-2 days after a workout. Take at least one day off between strength training sessions, and if you are still very sore, take 2 days off. (This means from lifting, not from all exercise such as cardio). If you don’t let your muscles recover and repair, they will continue to break down and you will actually get weaker.

To help prevent soreness in the future, and alleviate some of it now, be sure to:
1. Always warm-up for 5-10 minutes and cool-down for at least 5 minutes.

2. Stretch after a warm-up, during your workout, and after you are done. Only stretch when your muscles are already warm from some kind of light activity.

3. Stay active. The more your muscles move, the faster they will recover from exercise and soreness. If you choose to rest completely instead of “actively recovering” with light exercise, you’ll probably be sore longer.

One technique I’ve used with some success to reduce my own muscle soreness is to use a foam roller regularly as a part of my cool down. This has been particularly helpful for me after a long, high intensity bike ride or after I start a new type of exercise or a new weight training routine. Plus it just feels amazing to stretch out your muscles.  The key is to find the sore spot and lay on it.  So use the foam roller find the hot spot and just sink into it slowly moving back and forth almost giving yourself a massage!  Feel the knots and tension melt away!

There are also some great post workout drinks and foods that you can consume to help reduce the post muscle soreness and help your body to recovery faster. Beachbody Performance Recovery formula and/or Recharge overnight formula will also help reduce soreness.

The most important meal you eat is the one that you have directly after your workout.  for about an hour after your workout, there’s a window of opportunity when your muscles are literally starving for nutrients. We call this the golden hour. And the meal you eat at this time is the most important for building muscle and replenishing energy sources.

The first thing your body needs is a nice fresh supply of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are used by your body for making muscles, hormones, neurotransmitters, bones and all sorts of other important things. Exercise depletes critical amino acids such as glutamine, valine, isoleucine and leucine–and the way you replenish your body’s supply is with protein. That means meat, chicken, eggs, fish or supplements like Shakeology or Beachbody Performance.

The second thing you need is some carbohydrates. Exercise draws upon your body’s stores of glycogen, which is the storage form of sugar. Glycogen waits in the liver and the muscles for a signal that sugar is needed: “Hey, she’s exercising, let’s give her some fuel!” Your body can hold about 1,800 calories of sugar as glycogen, which is plenty to fuel any workout short of a marathon, but athletes do best when their glycogen stores are full, so unless you are on a carb-restricted diet, some slow-burning carbs after working out is a good idea. (Hint: The best carbs are oatmeal, brown rice, grains like quinoa or amaranth, and all vegetables and fruits).

Your muscles need protein for repair and growth, and your body needs some carbs to replenish its glycogen stores. Truth be told, after a hard workout your body is like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors: It’s crying “Feed me!” and it won’t take no for an answer. Remember, right before exercise you have to consider the time it takes to digest food, so you need to go light. But post-workout is the ideal time to have a full meal. So what’s the best meal, or combination of foods, to have post-workout?

Shakeology is a great post workout meal.  It has a perfect combination of protein and carbs along with all the essential amino acids and nutrients your body needs to recovery from the workout you just did.  At least you don’t have to stand there in the kitchen wondering if what you are eating is the right option.  Instead whip up a shake and go!  It honestly is refreshing and delicious!


Chicken and Mixed Vegetables

Four ounces of skinless, boneless chicken breast contains almost 35 grams of high-quality protein as well as small amounts of calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron; 255 mg of phosphorus; 287 mg of heart-healthy potassium; and 75 percent of the recommended dietary intake for niacin, a B vitamin that’s important in energy metabolism. One large (6-ounce) chicken breast is even more loaded: It contains more potassium than there is in a medium banana, plus a whopping 53 grams of protein.

The fat in boneless, skinless chicken is mostly monounsaturated. Only 1.1 grams of the 4 grams of fat in 4 ounces of chicken is saturated fat. The vegetables provide carbs and fiber. If you like, you can have half of a sweet potato with the meal and a spoonful of olive oil and/or almonds on the vegetables.

Breakfast Anytime: Egg Omelet with Avocado

Eggs are just about the best source of protein on the planet. Mix with as many vegetables as you like for a perfect meal. Hint: I also stir-fry a sliced apple into the mix. Serve with avocado for a nice dose of fiber and monounsaturated fat.


The Three S’s: Salmon, Spinach and Sweet Potato

Here’s the ideal balanced meal. Wild salmon for protein and omega-3s, spinach for the cornucopia of vitamins and minerals (including the superstar of eye nutrition, lutein), and a sweet potato for slow-burning carbohydrates. It’s an almost perfect meal. You can add a little flaxseed oil (or olive oil or butter) to the sweet potato or even sprinkle it with almonds, but watch your portion size: While these additions are all brimming with health, they’re also high-calorie items.

Bodybuilder’s Delight: Tuna, Brown Rice and Vegetables

You can’t go to a “hard core” gym without seeing a bodybuilder eating this old classic from a Tupperware container. A single can of light tuna canned in water and drained provides an astonishing 42 grams of high-quality protein for under 200 calories. That same can has more than 100 percent of the daily value for niacin, 29 percent of the daily value for vitamin B6 and 82 percent of the daily value for vitamin B12. And tuna is a superb source of the vitally important cancer-protective trace mineral selenium. Add some brown rice for fiber and carbs, load up with the vegetables and you’re good to go.

You can’t go wrong with any of those five, or variations thereof. They’ll load up your body with the energy needed to refuel and the protein needed to rebuild and repair muscle. Couple them with hard, intense and frequent workouts, and you’ll be on the way to the body of your dreams.

Remember no pain no gain!!!!

Preparing Healthy Snacks

We all struggle with finding the time to pack our healthy snacks everyday especially when you are a busy mom or have a full time job. It is really important to take a few minutes each day or an hour at the beginning of the week to plan your healthy snacks.

There is a way to stay on track and eat healthy while on the go.  It just takes a little planning.  I have outlined some healthy snacks and have created a video for you so that you can see exactly how I prep my weeks.  I spend a few hours each week boiling eggs, baking grilled chicken or healthy meatballs, cutting up fruits and veggies and portioning it into baggies along with nuts and hummus to make a complete snack.  The key to sustaining your energy and blood sugar all day long is to pair healthy complex carbs (fruits and veggies) with a protein (nuts, hummus, avocados, cottage cheese) at each meal.  This prevents the crash in blood sugar which can lead to binging!

You can use the Beachbody meal planner at to print out a weekly meal plan  with  grocery shopping lists and snack ideas! If you are not already a member, you can activate a free 30 day trial here 

Here is a VIDEO on using the meal planning tool.

Often as a busy mom, I don’t have time to plan so I will just use the healthy foods that I have around the house already!   Get in the habit of buying healthy food, and you will always have good choices!
Watch this video to see how I prepare snacks with my 21 days fix containers!

Here are all my prepared snacks!
I have included a list of some healthy snack ideas for you to use!
  1. 20 grapes and 1 low fat string cheese.
  2. 2 cupped handfuls of strawberries and an orange container (2.5 TBSP) of raw unsalted cashews
  3. handful of carrots and cucumbers and 1 tbsp skinny hummus.
  4. 2 whole wheat rice cakes (no salt added) with 1 tbsp all natural pb (look at the label it should say dry roasted peanuts only) and 1 tbsp raisins on top
  5. 1 cup plain greek yogurt, 1 orange cut up with 1 tbsp almonds.  If its to tart for you add a tiny bit of honey or agave nectar.
  6. 1/2 cup cottage cheese and a handful of fresh berries.
  7. 1 banana with 1 tbsp all natural nut butter
  8. 1 apple with 1 tbsp nut butter or a handful of raw unsalted almonds.
  9. 2 eggs with an apple
  10. 3 Turkey meatballs with some raw veggies. (If I don’t have time to cook them, I will buy turkey meatballs from Trader Joes)
Oh and of course my favorite meal of the day….SHAKEOLOGY!  It’s either a meal or a snack each day!  Quick and easy, no thought required!  Just blend and Go!
If you ever need help with meal planning please email me and I’d love to sit down with you and come up with some healthy alternatives!  This is my passion and I love helping other people!
 You can do this, you can change your life and feel amazing!

Where are the doctors who prefer a natural approach?

Calling all MDs! 

I am a pharmaceutical representative and I’ll tell you one thing, most of the doctors I work with avoid prescription drugs for themselves.  I was a pharmaceutical rep and I now also avoid unnecessary prescription drugs.  Why? Because while you gain some benefit from medication; there are always side effects. 

Of course I absolutely see the benefits for a lot of patients who truly need them. Prescription drugs has increased our life span, decreased mortality rates and believe it or not- they have lowered overall healthcare costs! 

Where I see the gap is in people who COULD avoid taking medications that they don’t really need. Let’s face it – there is an obesity EPIDEMIC! And it’s looking to get worse in the next 30 years. 

Sugar is a huge problem. Many people don’t understand how addicted they are to it and they just can’t stop. They learn they are pre-diabetic and continue to eat like crap. High fructose corn syrup is especially addictive and turns off brain signals of fullness. Luckily it will be out of all foods by 2018. 

My husband has been diagnosed with high cholesterol it several years ago and he refused to take prescription medication, this really inspired him to start living a healthier lifestyle. He started mountain biking, he started eating vegetarian for lunch everyday, he cut back on high cholesterol foods and he did the Ultimate Reset cleanse twice (reduced his cholesterol by 40 points in 3 weeks), down to normal levels and now he does not need any medication.
  My father was turning prediabetic, he would have these moments where he thought he was going to faint and said he needed protein so I had him start using shakeology every day. My mother and my father make a huge shake in the morning and they sip on it throughout the day, this has completely stopped those dizzy episodes for my father and he is his blood levels are looking much better now.  

So I have a vision of encouraging doctors to stand aside the patient a little more, spend a little more time on education and on alternate methods. There is a product called Shakeology that has been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar and reduce weight. 

Do you want to help your patients use less medication and live a healthier life?? Check out Dr Stephanie Burgos’s story of how she has been able to help patients who are suffering with their weight with Shakeology and Beachbody programs.  In addition, we interviewed 35 physicians, of different specialties, who share why they recommend Shakeology for their patients. 

As a busy Doctor, she was able to get healthy with short and effective workouts like T25. 

If you are interested, email me at and let’s chat! Or sign up here and I will be in touch to start your training and you’ll be helping your patients right away! 


Founder of Team Transformation Nation

Diamond Beachbody Coach 


Strategies for staying on track with a healthy lifestyle on the weekends

 So you ate clean all week, worked out, upped your water intake, you are feeling lighter and starting to make progress…and then Friday comes along.

Happy hour, parties, baby showers, there will be temptations ahead. Cheating all weekend can completely ruin the progress that has been made during the week. 2 steps forward, 1 (or 2) steps back. 

Fact-To continue to make progress you have to make some changes, some sacrifices on the weekend. It may even mean saying no to happy hour, finding different people to spend your time with even. Maybe you need to find friends who enjoy going on a hike or bike ride after work on Friday.

Here are my top 8 tips for continuing to make progress on the weekend 

1. Get your workout in each day of the weekend and maybe even double it 

2. Plan outdoor activities like a hike, run or bike ride

3. Plan ahead, bring healthy snacks and healthy drinks with you. I love my shakeology so if I am going to a party, I will make a giant chocolate shake with lots of water, ice, a half of banana, 1 tsp peanut butter, a little celery and will sip on that. It tastes good and keeps my mind off the unhealthy options. 

4. Share your goals publically. So bringing my shake along makes a statement- I’m doing something different than everyone else and I’m committed. You think I’m going to bring that shake along and then push it aside and have some chips or cake? Nope that would show I’m a quitter 

5. Allow yourself one (1) cheat meal, only. Choose it, plan it and enjoy it. But keep it to just one meal not one whole day. 

6. Drink a lot of water, if having alcohol, drink a glass of water, sparkling water or iced tea between every alcoholic beverage 

7. Save your “carbs” for later. So I follow the 21 day fix meal plan. Carbs are yellow containers so I will not have any yellows on the day I plan to cheat. I’ll eat super clean all day and then have some wine or that cheat meal knowing I kept it clean all day and worked out. 

8. Remind yourself of your goals. You increase your odds of reaching a goal by 30% by writing it down. Place that hall somewhere where you will see it daily, maybe place a picture of yourself at goal weight and speak positively to yourself- “I can do this, I will exercise self control this weekend.” Believe it and you are halfway there!! Sounds cheesy but I promise it works! 

Have other tips to add? Please share them below!  

Runners, Triathletes and  Athletes – have you heard of NSF approved Performance line- IRONMAN North America’s chosen official sports nutrition line?

ARE YOU A RUNNER?? An athlete? Training for an ironman or a marathon? Why not train now with the official supplement line chosen by IRONMAN! See the press release Here.

Beachbody performance Recharge and Recovery will be given to athletes at all Ironman events to aid in muscle recovery. 

I am very passionate about high quality ingredients – in the food I eat and with the supplements I take. First off, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no preservatives and no artificial colors. Always have to check the label first! Secondly, effective and tested ingredients. Did you know that supplements can just be placebos? What you buy over the counter may not be anything. You should research the company that you are buying from. As a Beachbody coach, I know that each and every ingredient is consistently tested for potency, purity, and stringent standards must be met. 

  ENERGIZE is a pre-workout formula that gives long lasting energy and endurance. EXTRA energy means better results. Energize contains key ingredients scientifically shown to buffer lactic acid buildup and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue, improve performance, and help you push with maximum intensity.

  RECOVER is a post workout shake that helps combat exercise-induced muscle soreness and jump-start recovery so you can hit every workout with strength and intensity. Recover takes advantage of the critical post-workout window with the ideal combination of time-released proteins and phytonutrients to help facilitate muscle recovery while helping to reduce muscle breakdown. Take Recover after every workout to help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, support muscle growth, and restore your strength.*

  RECHARGE is an overnight formula that helps reduce muscle soreness, helps reduce nighttime cravings and you will wake up feling great. port your body’s recovery overnight with Recharge. It is specially formulated to help accelerate overnight recovery, combat exercise-induced muscle soreness, and promote muscle growth when your body is primed to accept it—while you sleep! Slow-release protein, amino acids, and powerful phytonutrients help reduce muscle breakdown, promote lean-muscle synthesis, and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).*


Check out this video to learn more. This line is NSF APPROVED and is being used by Professional & collegiate Athletes and was created by HARVARD Scientists. It really is the next generation peak performance line in the fitness supplement industry. Want to try it first? You can order a sampler here

We have some excellent supplements for runners and especially marathon runners. We have been hearing several success stories of runners who are beating thier PRs using the new Beachbody Performance line. My husband is a mountain biker and has been beating his PRs since starting to use this line and it especially helped him last year when he biked for 4 to 8 hours in 105+ degree weather.

As the weather heats up, HYDRATE is a thirst quenching formula that keeps you hydrated and tastes great. Typical sports drinks have too much sugar and artificial ingredients that can actually dehydrate you. And water alone doesn’t effectively hydrate during exercise or replace what you lose through sweat. Hydrate is specially formulated for all-out performance with an optimal balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water that quickly replaces what’s lost and improves endurance, so you can work out longer and feel better. Hydrate is currently not affiliated with Ironman.

There are a few different stack options:

Performance Stack



You can get 10% off your purchase plus access to hundreds of streaming Beachbody workouts by activating a free 30 day trial of Beachbody club membership

And as always, every product has a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed policy! If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back! 

Have questions? Comment or email me at